Shower Combo Trailer

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Shower & Restrooms

Compact &Convenient

Our Shower Restroom Combo trailer is the ideal solution for campgrounds, resorts, emergency response and disaster relief. It provides everything needed in one compact environment, making it perfect for any situation. Utilizing a combination of both shower and restroom facilities, we meet the needs of any event or emergency. Its versatility makes it perfect for campgrounds and resorts looking to provide hot shower facilities to their guests.

Quick & Versatile

The Shower Combo Trailer’s small size makes it an ideal choice for emergency response teams or disaster relief support. Our trailers are designed to be easy to transport and quickly set up, allowing you to provide the right services in any situation. Knowing your options can help you select the right shower trailer for your needs. For locations requiring shower and restroom facilities in one compact environment, our Combo trailer is the perfect solution!

Trailer Features

*Generator rental is additional.

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